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Interviews :: Interview with Chaos Injected

Interview with Chaos Injected

They're seven-piece group from Finland and that practices damn good melodic death metal. Chaos Injected, whose third demo is available for free via Myspace, kindly submit to the right mood for an examination by Metalship.

Worthy spokesmen, Juho (guitar) and Mika (plain chant) spoke with us.

Metalship : Hi Chaos Injected !
Firstly, how do you describe your band to someone who doesn’t know about you?

Juho:- Hello there! We are a melodic death metal band from Lahti Finland.
The story of Chaos Injected began in 2006 as Joni, Henkka and I decided to set up a band, when our adoration towards bands like Soilwork, Insomnium, Scar Symmetry and In Flames were blooming. So we made couple of songs, quickly found other dudes to hop aboard, and headed to the studio to record our first demo in 2007 with our former singer Nessu. We shot a music video for the song “In loving memory of...” and with it, the band achieved interest at Demoklubi, the music video contest for unsigned artists. An eight-episode TV program was made related to the Demoklubi contest, with one episode focusing on our band. The show was broad casted twice in 2008 and included our gig at Klubi (Tampere), where Chaos Injected practiced with Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom) and other activities.

Second demo was made in 2008 with our present growling vocalist Lasse. It also received good press in different magazines and webzines. Our latest demo, recorded in 2010, introduces a new band member, Mika, on clean vocals.

The music of Chaos Injected is about steep melodies, with a bit of melancholy, and a sturdy base with a rhythmic twist. Our aim is not to make anything new and revolutionary within our music, but to concentrate on making the music we like. The band has secretly created its own sound during these few years and recordings.

Metalship : I’ve seen on your Myspace that your debut album is being created. Can you tell us more?

Juho: Well yes, though it is still under discussion but we're going to make a debut with our own cost and offer it to different labels for release. Schedules for the studio and the album's song list are still open.

Metalship : You’ve so far released three demos, which have received a good support. Why did you choose this format over another?

Juho: Maybe we wanted to play it safe, because in every demo we've recorded we had a new guy doing vocals. First demo there were Nessu, second Lasse, and the latest demo both Mika and Lasse.

Metalship : It seems that your last demo is available on free download. Is it a good way for you to talk about Chaos Injected?

Juho: Well yes, because we haven't made many CDs to sell and promote us, mainly just for labels, magazines and different clubs in a hope for a gig. To offer our songs to be downloaded as free in high quality, it hopefully gains some more interest for us. And it's still better to listen our songs in Mp3 format than on a crappy, low quality Myspace player.

Metalship : A rather classic question, how do you perceive the evolution of music market? Do you think to offer an album for free download is the good response to face the crisis of the CD?

Juho: I see it as a two-faced phenomenon. It is a fact that the CD is coming to the end of its road in the near future and rotting the music industry. Seems that the labels take merely no risk at all to fund a debut album for rising and promising bands nowadays, because the money coming to the label depends on how much the band will sell. So it is quite a trend to materialize and productize the band to meet with the label's need.

The way of the Internet offers a great promotion for bands. Youtube, Myspace and Spotify spread the word fast and the bands gain more audience. And with advanced music technology, you can make an album at your home and share it easily for the world. Wouldn't say I stand up for offering albums for free, but it had been made so easy. If you open two different sites with another selling your favorite artists album in Mp3s and another site with a streaming player where you can listen and download those same songs for free, the difference between these two options is quite minimalistic for the usual listener.

Metalship : Let’s talk about you now. Chaos Injected is composed by seven musicians. Being so many can be sometimes an issue to play together, isn’t it?

Juho: Yes. It sometimes can be a pain in the ass playing a gig in a narrow stage, shoulder to shoulder. But we're learning to avoid poking each other's eyes out, hopefully...
Mika: When I joined the band I was just amazed how brilliantly they played together on rehearsals and on stage. Every guy knows what they are doing and everyone can count on each other and just focus on their own job.

Metalship : You also have two singers. Is it definitively an advantage to combine two singing aspects with two different personalities?

Juho: In our case it has been proven to work, it gives our music a great contrast with two singers with an absolutely different sound. And it gives us more options to arrange and fit
the vocals for live performances.
Mika: And also with two vocalists we don't need to rearrange songs for live performances,
which sometimes is the case with bands using one vocalist who does both growls and clean vocals.

Metalship : How do you compose your songs?

Juho: I compose all the songs and we arrange them together with the band.

Metalship : Listening to your demo, I was amazed by its professionalism and maturity. How did you make the recording and where was it recorded?

Juho: We recorded the songs in Orimattila (a small district near Lahti) Institute Of Music Technology with Jarkko Hyytiäinen who recorded our demo as a project for his studies. Mixing was made by Juho Räihä (Before The Dawn, Gloria Morti) and mastering by Matias Ahonen, who is an employer of the institute. Thanks goes to them for great sounds!

Metalship : Now, let’s talk about concerts. How would you describe your band on stage?

Juho: Energetic, mosh and some humour.
Mika: Professional.

Metalship : Do you have plans to play outside your country? Maybe in France?

Juho: We try to book ourselves to some smaller festivals this summer in Sweden, but that's what comes to it. If we get lucky later, when we get our album finished and released, maybe you'll see us in France, too!

Metalship : You come from Lahti. It seems it’s a very active city in the Finnish metal, with well-known bands like Before The Dawn, Entwine and Korpiklaani… Is it difficult for a young band to get noticed in the middle of a scene so developed?

Juho: Of course it has its difficulties, especially when talking about genres of melodic death metal, which is over flooded. But in Lahti, you could say every musician and band knows each other in some way, and it helps to arrange gigs and stuff. For example, we've received lots of help from Tuomas Saukkonen (Before The Dawn) who has arranged a few gigs for us and loaned stuff to us for the studio.

Metalship : I’ll ask you the same question I asked Jukka from Sole Remedy: Why do Finnish bands seem so sad?

Juho: Haha! Maybe it's just the old Finnish mentality still holding its roots in our soil.
Mika: What can you expect from a band that comes from a country where we have six months of freezing cold winter and two months of rainy and foggy autumn. Of course there's four months of spring and summer, but then bands are rehearsing and recording their music in dark basements and gloomy studios.

Metalship : I’m a huge fan of Finnish Metal. What Finnish bands would you suggest I listen to?

Juho: Gloria Morti is definitely worth checking out. They play a brutal combination of death and black metal. Also, check out Pressure Points. Their debut album has gained much interest.
Mika: Cyphosis is a melodic death metal band from northern Finland.

Metalship : As the tradition dictates, I leave you the final world by wishing you a happy new year!

Juho: Thank you! We also shot a music video for the song “Rapture,” which can be found on our latest demo, though it still lacks a few details and hasn't seen daylight yet. But it should be ready for release soon!
Happy New Year to you too!

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