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Register to Metalship

Already more than 3500 members, 10 000 visitors and 50 000 pages per day ... and still not you ?
So it's now time for you to register in 4 steps and a few minutes, to take advantage of the Metalship tools, enter the community and create your personal space.

Step 1 : individual or pro ?

Two types of accounts are possible : individuals accounts and pro accounts, the first for basic metalheads, fans, forumers, reviewers etc. The pro account (completely free as well) is for people wanting to use their Metalship page to help them in their promo.

individual account :

pro accounts :

Advantages if you register

Here's a list of the possibilities offered to the members, besides the ones available for everyone.

Individual account

Always keep up with metal news

  • keep up with the news and gigs of your favorite bands directlyby mail, as soon as they're announced
  • select the metal news you desire in your personal admin space
  • add your bands to yourfavorites, chat with them, comment their personal spaces
Join the Metalship community

  • access the Metalship forum, discuss with other Metalshippers
  • chat on sub-forum shoutboxes
  • send emails to your friends with your personal mailbox
  • talk in private on your personal chat
  • comment all Metalship articles, bands, albums, concerts ...
Create your Metalship account

  • create your Metalship personal page
  • manage your metalheads friends network
  • create your personal calendar of concerts
  • announce your want ads
  • test your knowledge on metal quizzes
  • vote for the band of the month*
  • create your albums collection
  • create your MP3 player
Contribute to the Metal scene

  • contribute to the encyclopedia (bands, albums, concerts ...)
  • review your favorite albums
  • get points by contributing, and even some gifts*
  • keep up with your progress stats
  • belong to the Metalship team, receive CDs, go to concerts for free, and meet your favorite bands :-p

Metalship Pro Accounts

This type of account, totally free, too, aims at professionals : metal bands, concert halls, record labels, associations and shops.
The two main objectives are : inform readers, and help the pros working for the metal scene by giving them more means and tools for their promotion. You are keeping the metal scene alive, and you are working your ass off for us, despite the lack of help from the media. It doesn't matter, we don't need them ;-).

Professional accounts

Advertise on all Metalship

  • add your concerts on the 2 biggest metal concerts sites
  • announce your news on local Metalship
  • meet and chat with all the Metal community
  • announce your want ads
  • announce your news and concerts on the forum
Create your official forum

  • create your official forum as mygroup.forum-metal.com
  • the communities cross each other and add up, the members of each one can contribute to the other one, and reciprocally
  • independent forums, with customizable design and themes
  • create your users group to keep up with your fans
Create your Metalship personal space

  • create your personal space, your entirely customizable website
  • post your lives calendar
  • create your playlist with your mp3s
  • announce your news and want ads
  • keep up with your fans and promote your site and music thanks to them
  • let your visitors comment and give their impressions
Grab the opportunities you're given

  • enter the Metal pros community
  • exchange your tips, recommendations, get some help from the eldest that already went through hell
  • meet and find good opportunities for concerts, labels, design etc.
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* : not available before a few months. Please wait a little more ^^.