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I. Become a reviewer for Metalship

You too, meet the world biggest of Heavy Metal. Write Metal History !

You too join Metalship

Reporter, reviewer, interviewer, newser, photographer or even recruiter, PR, administrator, moderator ... you are overwhelmed by choices !
You just have to tell us what you want to do. You have necessarily some knowledge to share or skills to express, and there is then a place for you within Metalship !

Here are the positions for which we recruit ... but don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other ideas ! We’re always looking for good people.
- News reporter
Publish regularly metal news on the home page of the webzine. Motivation and steadiness are required
- Reviewer
Get all the albums you want, and review them completely freely ! (all genres accepted). Must be experienced and steady.
- Photographer
Go to lives for free and take photos of the bands on stage. Must be pro, have an excellent camera and often go to lives.
- Reporter
Go to lives for free and write live reports. Must be experienced, have good writing skills and often go to lives (have a good camera to take photos is a plus)
- Interviewer
Meet the Metal gods and directly interview them (if possible in video) or by internet/phone
- Translator
Metalship is the #1 metal site with such an international coverage, and strongly value bilinguals ! Translate or write new articles in your language, or even build a new Metalship in your country !
- Social networks admin.
Manage our Google+, Myspace, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Share Metalship contents, imagine and launch large scale communication campaigns
- Comm' partnerships
In contact with bands, labels etc, imagine and build new great partnerships with any Metal professional
- Recruitment
Become the head of human resources and look for new talents to join our dynamic team. Find them, test them, encourage them ...
- Admin. forum
Manage and animate a forum (of a particular zone or musical genre) and encourage readers to participate
- Organize contests
Imagine the best contests for our readers, and always canvass Metal professionals for better prizes
- Promoting the bands
Advise and help the bands in their promotion, find solutions and new ideas together (advanced experience of Metalship required)
- News
Publish regularly metal news on the home page of the webzine. Motivation and steadiness are required
- Concerts
Add the lives of our partners
- Trivia
Share your knowledge and write trivia for all Metalship pages
- Pros (record labels, studios, associations...)
Manage and complete the list of Metal professionals : labels, associations, studios, graphists, websites ...
- Videos & pictures
Moderate and add Metal videos and images to our great database !
- Bands, albums ...
Moderate and validate all the contributions, for bands, albums, artists...
- Non official reviewer
Publish reviews on Metalship and be 100% free and independent from the team ! (your articles are published, but not official)
- Contributor
Contribute to the growth of the encyclopedia, completely freely and independently, with no one to look over your shoulder

You haven't found what you look for ?

You're picky ... but that's for the better. Drop us an email to apply freely there and tell us what you'd like to do. We're always looking for good people !

More info

Why Metalship ?
- recognize the value of your work : although very young, the webzine is the Metal website with the most incredible rise, getting up to 1 million views per month after only one year of activity, for your work to be viewed as much as it deserves
- a young, ambitious and dynamic site : the number of visits is doubled every 3 months, thanks to its intense development, the development team working on it every day to bring it to the top in the minimum time
- a complete webzine : as it is one of the most complete Metal website, offering dozens of diverse sections, you will be able to change of position as long as you want, to write news, reviews, interviews, live reports, features, or be in charge of the "did you know", concerts, venues, artists biographies, releases, MP3, pictures etc ...
- a small team, ambitious, passionate, but that likes to have fun : the team will remain small but united, with the private forum to keep up with what the other one has done, and motivate each other
- a site for readers ... and reviewers : it constantly evolves to adapt itself to the readers, but also to the reviewers. All is done to make easier your task, you will have your word to say for the important decisions, and if you want additional modules or some parts to change according to your desires, I will try my best to do it as soon as possible.

And if that's not enough for you, please tell me what you wish for !

Profile we look for
- passionate: found of Metal (to share your knowledge or just discover more) and writing
- ambitious, and desiring getting involved in this huge project, and help to boost it
- reliable and professional
- and of course, writing articles of excellent quality
If you think you match the profile, hurry and ask to join the team ! ;-)

More info :
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