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For the bands, records, associations or shops, Metalship makes available to all lots of tools to help you in your promotion (Metalship personal space, official forum, ads, news, emails, support and fans circle, lives calendar, etc).
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The Metalship Project

You're just a fan and you're looking for a forum to be aware of what's going on and meet new people ?
You are a band and you are looking for a site to promote your band, to bring some douche bags at your shows and adding 40 000 friends on Myspace, hoping that one of them will notice you ?

Actually, we could not say that metal is over-represented by medias. Of course the situation was improved with Internet and all the webzines, but most of them pay attention to the most famous bands only, and it's always tough to be noticed when we're only a local band.
That's in light of these observations that the "local Metalship" project was started.

What are its objectives ?
Basically, what is it ? In short, Metalship is not only a webzine and an encyclopedia, but a whole community to meet up with other metalheads and pros, for anyone to have a space to discuss Metal.

How much does it cost ?
It's totally free even if a more complete version (advanced tools to manage his promotion) and not free could appear later.
In exchange, if you like the work and tools we provide, it would be cool to put a Metalship banner on your website, forum, blog or myspace, it'd help Metalship to become more famous, bring more people in the community and bring us more resources for the developpement of Metalship ;-).

Who is it for ?
All pros and fans of the Metal scene are invited to come and express themselves :

Metalship's history

April 2007 : first version of the webzine, for the small dozen of Metalheads of the "Lyon Metal Club". It was mainly to be accessible on the web and meet other people from the city, but it already had a few bands, discographies and reviews. Its first aim was (and still is) to make people discover new metal genres and bands.

February 23, 2008 : the "Lyon Metal Club" becomes officially Metalship with the buying of the domain name. The old small website is completely rebuilt to become a real webzine, with a first outlook for a participative encyclopedia and Metal community.

Septembre, 2009 : One year and a half after Metalship to be released in its first language (French) the translation to English is completed ! At that time, Metalship is one of the 3 main French Metal webzines, and the bet is to make Metalship one of the first worldwide Metal webzines in one year.

Is Metalship going to be THE metal website ?

Well, that lacks modesty of course, but let's put it apart a moment.
The aim of Metalship is to become the first worldwide Metal community.
Why ?
For local bands, by giving them optimal visibility for their promotion. For official reviewers, to give them the thousands of readers they deserve, and of course, for our members and visitors, to provide them with all the Metal info they need, in less than 3 clicks, and for them to have the most professional articles.

Metalship's goals and values :

Why are we going to succeed?
Metalship is a complex set of sections that are completely different at first sight : webzine, encyclopedia, concerts agenda, community, personal pages, local metal sites, bands promotion, but all of this parts complement each other and perfectly match.
Each part is pulled up and boosted by the other ones. The concerts calendar wouldn't be the first one in Europe if it wasn't thanks to the whole community, users, reviewers, and bands. Reciprocally, the community takes advantage of all the info provided by ConcertMetal, MetalWeb or Wallpaper.
All of this needs considerable work, but everyone has his place on Metalship : bands post their news and concerts, users contribute to the encyclopedia, reviewers to the webzine, admins review all the content, and I concentrate my efforts on improving the site and the community by releasing more tools, and making it easier.

So that's why we believe in Metalship, and know that it will necessarily become the first worldwide Metal community, promoting bands in a more appropriate way than Myspace, making Metalheads meet, and providing all the info readers wish for.
We know these goals will be achieved, as we achieved the previous goals we set up for Metalship.

At last, for what concerns the main projects to come for Metalship (why stop after such a good start ?) :
iMetalship : a project to make Metalship entirely configurable and personalizable by the user, for him to have a summary in one page of all the info and articles he wants
Metalship Promo : an advanced extension of Metalship for pros to completely manage and promote themselves
International : after the English translation, Metalship will also be available in different languages, such as Japanese, and if possible German, Spanish, or even Korean, to let you discover new Metal genres and broaden your horizon, especially towards Asian culture and their special vision of Metal.

Metalship Official team

External communication manager : Nanoroux [ com[at] ]

Official reviewers of the Metalship team :
NanoRouxFondateur, Webmasterofficial reviewerSingapour (Singapore)
GandalflegrisChroniqueur, reporteur, newseurofficial reviewerGODEWAERSVELDE (59)
BalgarModérateurforum moderatorMontpellier (34)
ExtraShuggahChroniques, interviews, newsofficial reviewerReykjavík (Iceland)
WaifaiChroniqueuseofficial reviewerTunis (Tunisia)
Demenzia MortisApprenti chroniqueurnew reviewerMons (Belgium)
yholChroniqueurofficial reviewerDecize (58)
Lalla FreyaApprentie chroniqueusenew reviewerBerlin (Germany)
fieldsNewseuse, apprentie Chroniqueusenew reviewerParis (75)
BlackFlameInterview, chroniqueusenew reviewerCharleroi (Belgium)
daillsChroniqueurofficial reviewerLAON (2)

Grading scale and grades distribution

0 - 4.9mauvais 0 (0%)
5 - 5.9moyen 0 (0%)
6 - 6.9bon 0 (0%)
7 - 7.9très bon 0 (0%)
8 - 8.9excellent 0 (0%)
9 - 9.4culte 1 (100%)
9.5 - 10parfait 0 (0%)

Average : 9/10

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Legal notice

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