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Bands :: Manach Seherath

Manach Seherath

Also known as : MHSH
Creation : 2012
Genre : Symphonic heavy metal
Related bands : Savatage, Judas Priest, Adagio, Iced Earth, Kamelot
Origin : Italy, Naples
Official site :
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Current members :
Mich CrownVocals
Cyrion FaithKeyboard

Ex members :
Minus KarmaGuitarex-member - 2012-2015
Lukas BlacksmithBassex-member - 2013-2016
Carlo ChiappellaDrumsex-member - 2014-2016
Lemur MaskDrumsex-member - 2012-2013
Joe DardanoGuitarex-member - 2015-2016
Gianluca GagliardiGuitarex-member - 2016-2017
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Popularity : 9 (no.9139)
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Biography :

Manach Seherath is a symphonic heavy metal band from Italy, whose name in a dead ancient language means 'to draw from the source'. This cryptic phrase, with all that it hides, is well representative of the marriage of heavy rhytms with epic keyboards and mysterious lyrics, which togheter make the trademark of M.S. sound: a modern heavy metal which doesn't forget the gloomy lessons of the past.

Manach Seherath è un gruppo italiano di heavy metal sinfonico, il cui nome in un’antica lingua morta significa ‘attingere alla sorgente’. Questa frase criptica, con tutto ciò che nasconde, è ben’ rappresentativa del matrimonio di ritmiche pesanti con tastiere epiche e testi misteriosi, che insieme costituiscono il marchio di fabbrica del suono dei M.S.: un heavy metal moderno che non dimentica le cupe lezioni del passato.

Manach Seherath est un groupe de heavy metal symphonique italien, dont le nom dans une ancienne langue morte signifie 'puiser à la source'. Cette phrase sibylline, avec tout ce qu'elle cache, est bien représentatif du mariage de rhytmes lourds avec claviers épiques et paroles mystérieuses, qui ensemble font la marque du son de MS: un moderne heavy métal qui n'oublie pas les sombres leçons du passé.

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The Cursed Single (Single)

Manach Seherath (a Timeless Trilogy) (Demo)

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Manach Seherath (Demo)
Manach Seherath (Demo) (clip officiel)

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