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Creation : 1989
Genre : Death Metal, Grindcore
Related bands : Fear Factory, Asesino, Dimmu Borgir, At The Gates, Carcass, Napalm Death
Origin : Mexico, Mexico
Official site :

Current record : Kool Arrow/Roadrunner Records
Current members :
Juan BrujoVocals1989-
Pinche PeachVocals, Samples1989-
Fantasma (Pat Hoed)Vocals, BassNip Drivers, Dawn By Law, Foreign Object, Punk Rock Vatos, Slowrider1989-
El Cynico (Jeffrey Walker)BassCarcass, Electro Hippies, Blackstar, Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers2006-
Hongo (Shane Embury)Guitar, BassNapalm Death, Lock Up, Unseen Terror, Warhammer (UK), Meathook Seed, Venomous Concept, Azagthoth (UK), Drop Dead1989-
Podrido (Adrian Erlandsson)Drums(At the Gates, Cradle of Filth, Needleye, Decameron (Swe), The Haunted, Terror (Swe), Code, Tenet, H.E.A.L., Nemhain2006-
Pititis (Gaby Dominguez)Bass, Back vocals
Shane EmburyBassAs Hongo1989-

Ex members :
Asesino (Dino Cazares)GuitarFear Factory, Divine Heresy, Excruciating Terror, Body Bag, Hated... And Proud!ex-member - 1989-2005
Güero Sin Fe (Billy Gould)BassFaith No More, Harmful, Black Diamond Brigadeex-member - 1989-2002
Greñudo (Raymond Herrera)DrumsFear Factory, Asesino, Phobia (US), Kush, Burn It All, Arkaeaex-member - 1993-2002
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Popularity : 61 (no.891)
Users ranks : 9.7 / 10  [1 ranks]
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Viva Presidente Trump! (Single)

Debilador (Single)

Mexecutioner! The Best Of Brujeria (Album)

Brujerizmo (Album)

Marijuana (Mini Album)

Raza Odiada (Album)

El Patron (EP (Maxi))

Matando Gueros (Album)

Machetazos! (EP (Maxi))

Demoniaco (EP (Maxi))

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