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Stage name : Garm
Birth name : Kristoffer Rygg
Birth : September 9, 1976
Active years : 1992 - Present
Nationality : Norway
Origin : Norway

Occupation : Producer, Audio Engineer
Genre : Experimental, black metal, pagan
Website :
Myspace :

Record labels
Jester Records
Century Media Records
The End Records
Music For Nations

Bands :
ArcturusVocalsex-member -
Head Control SystemVocals
ÆthenorVocals, Samples
Black MessiahBass
BorknagarVocalsex-member -

Biography :
Kristoffer Rygg, aka Garm is a well-established, highly respected Norwegian vocalist, programmer, song writer and keyboardist. He is widely known as one of Norway's great creative minds, mixing various styles such as experimental/ambient, symphonic black metal and pagan/folk metal. His multifarious vocal approach appears on albums by such Norwegian luminaries as Arcturus, Ulver and Borknagar. Additionally, he has made guest appearances/collaborations with Emperor front man Ihsahn, Zyklon, 1349 and The Gathering. Rygg's latest groups include prog-flavored, alternative act Head Control System and noise/drone/ambient super group Æthenor. Said group features members of Current 93, Sunn 0))), and Nurse With Wounds. He owns and operates Jester Records.

Discography :
With Arcturus

1. Constellation (1994)
2. Aspera Hiems Symfonia (1995)
3. La Masquerade Infernale (1997)
4. Disguised Masters (1999)
5. Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel (2002)
6. The Sham Mirrors (2002)

With Borknagar

1. Borknagar (1996)
2. The Olden Domain (1997)

With Head Control System

1. Murder Nature (April 4, 2006)

With Ulver

1. Vargnatt (1993)
2. Split 7" w/Mysticum (1994)
3. Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler (1994)
4. Kveldssanger (1995)
5. Nattens Madrigal - Aatte Hymne til Ulven i Manden (1996)
6. Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1998)
7. Metamorphosis (1999)
8. Perdition City (2000)
9. Silence Teaches You How to Sing (2001)
10. Silencing the Singing (2001)
11. Lyckantropen Themes (2002)
12. A Quick Fix of Melancholy (2003)
13. Teachings in Silence (2003)
14. Svidd Neger (Original Soundtrack) (2003)
15. 1993-2003: First Decade in the Machines (2003) (Ulver remix themselves on the first track)
16. UNO (2005) (OST, Jester Records has not yet released their own version, but the movie corp. version is already out)
17. Blood Inside (2005)
18. Shadows of the Sun (2007)

With Æthenor

1. Betimes Black Cloudmasses (2008)

As guest musician/producer/etc.

1. Darkthrone: Wrote the lyric Earth's Last Picture for the Total Death album (1995).
2. Gehenna: Features Rygg on Vinterriket off the Seen Through The Veils of Darkness album (1995).
3. Aura Noir: Handwriting on the backcover for the Dreams Like Deserts MCD (1995). He also engineered/produced the album Deep Tracts of Hell (1998).
4. Dødheimsgard aka DHG: Mastered the Monumental Possession album (1996), he was also involved in the mastering of the Satanic Art MCD (1998).
5. Forlorn: Mastered the Forlorn EP (1996) and The Crystal Palace debut album (1996).
6. Old Man's Child: Mastered the Born of the Flickering album (1996).
7. Aphrodisiac: Contributed with the track Children, it is I on the Nonsense Chamber album (1997).
8. De Press: Features Rygg on the track Orawski Psalm of the Potargano Chałpa album (1997).
9. Emperor: Ulver did a remix of the track Sworn (1999). Rygg also mastered the album Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk (1997).
10. Mayhem: Produced, mixed and mastered the Wolf's Lair Abyss MCD (1997).
11. Hagalaz Runedance: Ulver did a remix of the track The Falcon Flies off the Urd: That which was MCD (1999).
12. Fleurety: Features Rygg on Last Minute Lies off the Department of Apocalyptic Affairs album (2000). He also engineered and co-produced said album.
13. SCN: Features Rygg on Rise Above off the Inside Out album (2001).
14. Zyklon: Features Rygg on the two tracks Chaos Deathcult and Transcendental War - Battle between Gods of the World ov Worms album (2001).
15. Kåre João: Rygg does backing vocals on the Sideman album (2002).
16. Magenta: Features Rygg on the two tracks Vandalistvirgin and Backstabber Nation on the All Over single (2002). Rygg is also featured on the tracks I need my Love, Vandalistvirgin and Mermaid off the Little Girl Lost album (2003).
17. Star of Ash: Features Rygg on the two tracks The Nudity of Light and In the Throws of Guilt off the Iter.Viator album (2002) which he also co-produced. He is also featured on the songs Blood, Bones and a Skull and Crossing Over off the album The Thread (2008).
18. 1349 Rykkinn: Unspecified appearance on the Brown Ring of Fury album (2003).
19. Merzbow: Ulver did a remix of Denki No Numa for the Frog: Remixed and Revisited album (2003).
20. The Gathering: Rygg sings a duet with Anneke van Giersbergen on A Life all Mine off the Souvenirs album (2003).
21. Virus: Rygg is credited with "Backyard barks" on the song Queen Of The Hi-Ace off the Carheart album (2003).
22. Tuner: Rygg appears with a 'single growl' on the first track White Cake Sky on the Pole album (2007), recorded in USA (2005-2006).
23. Ihsahn: Rygg sings Homecoming off The Adversary (2006).
24. Solefald: Rygg plays the role of Loki on the song Loki Trickster God from the (2006) album Black For Death: An Icelandic Odyssey Part 2.
25. Sunn O))): Ulver provided production and contributions to the track CUT WOODeD on WHITEbox (2006).
26. Professor Fate: For the album Inferno (2007), Rygg performed vocals on the track "Limbo."
27. V:28: Features Rygg on the track The Absolute off the Violution album (2007).
28. Alkaline Trio: Ulver contributes with string arrangements and samples on the album Agony and Irony (2008).
29. Ava Inferi's third album Blood of Bacchus contains guest vocals by Garm on the track Black Wings (2009).

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