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Reviews :: We’re Here Because We’re Here review

We’re Here Because We’re Here review

Anathema  - We’re Here Because We’re Here (Album)

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We’re Here Because We’re Here - Info

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We’re Here Because We’re Here info

Release : May 31, 2010
Genre : Rock Atmosphérique
Record : Kscope
Playlist :
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1. Thin Air (6:00)listen firstThin Air lyrics
2. Summernight Horizon (4:13)listen firstSummernight Horizon lyrics
3. Dreaming Light (5:47)epic !epic !Dreaming Light lyrics
4. Everything (5:06)listen firstEverything lyrics
5. Angels Walk Among Us (5:17)listen firstAngels Walk Among Us lyrics
6. Presence (2:58)Presence lyrics
7. A Simple Mistake (8:14)epic !epic !A Simple Mistake lyrics
8. Get Off, Get Out (5:01)listen firstGet Off, Get Out lyrics
9. Universal (7:19)listen firstUniversal lyrics
10. Hindsight (8:11)Hindsight lyrics
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Creation : 1989
Genre : Rock Metal
Origin : United Kingdom

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