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Live Consternation review

Katatonia  - Live Consternation (Live album)

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Live Consternation - Info

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Live Consternation info
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Release : May 28, 2007
Genre : Dark Metal/Rock Dépressif
Live album

Playlist :
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1. Leaders (05:11)Leaders lyrics
2. Wealth (04:48)Wealth lyrics
3. Soil's Song (04:15)listenSoil's Song lyrics
4. Had To (Leave) (04:53)Had To (Leave) lyrics
5. Cold Ways (05:23)Cold Ways lyrics
6. Right into the Bliss (05:20)Right into the Bliss lyrics
7. Ghost of the Sun (04:07)Ghost of the Sun lyrics
8. Criminals (04:02)Criminals lyrics
9. Deliberation (04:05)listenDeliberation lyrics
10. July (04:42)July lyrics
11. Evidence (05:01)listenEvidence lyrics
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Creation : 1991
Genre : Rock Metal
Origin : Sweden

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