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Reviews :: Night Is the New Day review

Night Is the New Day review

Katatonia  - Night Is the New Day (Album)

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Night Is the New Day - Info

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Night Is the New Day info
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Release : November 2, 2009
Genre : Dark Metal/Rock Dépressif
Playlist :
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1. Forsaker (04:05)listenForsaker lyrics
2. The Longest Year (04:39)The Longest Year lyrics
3. Idle Blood (04:23)listenIdle Blood lyrics
4. Onward Into Battle (03:52)Onward Into Battle lyrics
5. Liberation (04:18)Liberation lyrics
6. The Promise of Deceit (04:18)The Promise of Deceit lyrics
7. Nephilim (04:27)Nephilim lyrics
8. New Night (04:28)New Night lyrics
9. Inheritance (04:30)Inheritance lyrics
10. Day & Then the Shade (04:27)listenDay & Then the Shade lyrics
11. Departer (05:27)listenDeparter lyrics
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Creation : 1991
Genre : Rock Metal
Origin : Sweden

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