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The West Pole review

The Gathering  - The West Pole (Album)

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The West Pole - Info

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The West Pole info

Release : May 4, 2009
Genre : Ambiant/Atmo
Playlist :
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1. When Trust Becomes Sound (3:53)When Trust Becomes Sound lyrics
2. Treasure (4:06)listen firstTreasure lyrics
3. All You Are (4:34)epic !epic !All You Are lyrics
4. The West Pole (6:35)epic !epic !The West Pole lyrics
5. No Bird Call (5:38)No Bird Call lyrics
6. Capital Of Nowhere (6:35)listen firstCapital Of Nowhere lyrics
7. You Promised Me A Symphony (2:54)You Promised Me A Symphony lyrics
8. Pale Traces (7:46)listen firstPale Traces lyrics
9. No One Spoke (4:32)No One Spoke lyrics
10. A Constant Run (7:44)A Constant Run lyrics
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The Gathering

The Gathering
The Gathering
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Creation : 1989
Genre : Ambient/Atmo
Origin : Netherlands


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