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Ten by Ten review

Ten by Ten  - Ten by Ten (EP (Maxi))

Ten by Ten EP

I first stumbled across the Bolton based 8 legged riff machine Ten by Ten at this year’s SOS festival in Radcliffe, and to say the least I fell in love with their music from the word go. Their style of grunge infected southern rock is perfect to bang your head to, their songs are memorable and great to sing along to, and best of all their lead singer looks a bit like Jack Black! With their first EP now on the table and five great hard rock songs in their repertoire, what’s not to love about Bolton’s loveable rock rouges?

From start to finish you can’t help but move your body to the self titled EP Ten by Ten. It’s full of slick and slinky bass grooves which are emphasized and stand out above everything else which hasn’t really been done before on a rock album. They compliment the punchy, distorted guitar riffs and Chris Ward’s bellowing voice perfectly. Giving songs like the chant along ‘Jesus Road Trip’ and ‘Pressure’ a very southern/hard rock feel which would put the likes of Pantera, Pearl Jam and Godsmack to shame.

Ten by Ten aren’t just the masters of straight up, balls to the wall, hard rock hits. They also take into consideration diversity and difference, and we see that creeping in, in such tracks like ‘In Your Sea’ which although is slow compared to the other songs on the album, does not give up on the heaviness, but still remains a ballad. It’s this change in mood and style which puts Ten by Ten in the league up from ‘underground band’ or ‘newbie’, as this EP shows they can master different musical styles and can write killer songs outside of the genre they are playing.

Now, it may not be on the EP. But Ten by Ten’s song ‘Keep up with the Joneses’ was unfortunately recorded later than the other tracks and missed out on being in the EP. As this is the case, Ten by Ten are letting you download the foot stomping, head banging frenzied, drunken sing along session from them for absolutely free. It’s a must have to top this EP off as without it, despite some of the great songs on the album, you do feel as if something is missing.

Ten by Ten should be proud of the fact their first effort is really good, and as milestones go; this is the first of many great things by Ten by Ten. Hopefully with these mighty fine hard rock anthems to support them, we could be soon seeing the rise of Ten by Ten in the next few years!

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