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Consequence Of Sin review

Nightvision  - Consequence Of Sin (Album)


Consequence of Sin

Nightvision are a band who no doubt have probably past underneath most rock fans radar, and that’s a shame as Nightvision manage to pack to much energy and enthusiam into every song they play, especially with the twelve tracks on their new album Consequence of Sin. With foot stomping guitar lines, and a vocalist whose singing is so powerful – the notes can blow your brains out, Nightvision manage to release a great hard rock record which will get every single person who buys this album singing their souls out to the fist pumping, scream out anthems which this album is full of.

You can clearly pick out the singles which no doubtably Nightvision will incorporate into live shows on Consequence of Sin. These songs are charging, heavy, extrememly catchy hard rock hits which can be played anywhere to anyone and people will enjoy it. Tracks like the punch up opening song ‘So Many Lies’, the southern metal sounding ‘Find Me’ and the all around awesome track ‘Sob Story’ which contains the lyrics which sums up most wannabee rockstars: “Everybody want’s to be a Rock n’ Roll star, but none of these fuckers have ever played guitar. A long way to the top if you got no talent, no warrent and you don’t look hot”!

It’s the simplicity of the musicianship that makes Consequence of Sin all the more enjoyable. Most rock bands nowadays just want to shred like a mad man and blast beat, but because Nightvision have structure to their songs and have a good memorable melody lines, they are able to wow the listener by just being themselves and being 100 times more better than any band doing this kind of music at the moment. You can just how simple, I mean amazing these booming guitar riffs, bass grooves, drum lines and vocal parts are in killer tracks like ‘Enter Escapism’, ‘Petrol and Practice’ and ‘What Makes you Bad’ which seem to come out of the stereo at you like Hulk Hogan’s fist.

Unfortuantely you get the feelign with Consequence of Sin that Nightvision have ran out of ideas on some of the tracks and decided to once again go with a palm muted cantering riff. If Nightvision could do more songs like ‘Nowhere to Hide’ and made their next album a bit more diverse, we could be looking at the rise to power of this small Lincoln based band.

Nightvision will have you banging your head, throwing your body about and singing out loud with their cracking new album Consequence of Sin, and hopefully with a bit more practice and a few more awesome songs in their repitoir, Nightvisions will be the GODS of hard rock.

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