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The Dub, The War and The Ugly review

Dub War  - The Dub, The War and The Ugly (Compilation/Best of)


The Dub, The War and The Ugly

For those who don’t know Dub War was Benji Webbers Welsh hard rock band before he packed his ragga metal punk hip hop bags and moved on over to the mighty Skindred. The Dub, The War and The Ugly is basically a trip down memory lane through Dub War’s one hit wonder singles, taking the listener inside the vault with never seen before music videos, an exclusive live performance, interviews with the band, all alongside a CD jammed full of booty shaking, fist pumping, hard rock tunes by these wannabe welsh rockers.

CD 1 is full of Dub War anthems taken off of their first 4 albums Words of Dubwarning all the way through to Step Ta Dis. Although Dub War are completely different to Skindred, it is a real shame that these guys split up as you esentially have tracks on this ‘best of’ album that appeal to everyone whether you be a: Rock fan, punk fan, ska fan or a ragga fan that can be played anywhere and everyone will at least bob their head to it.The only problem with this is that even though you have amazing bouncy tracks like ‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘Crack’ on this album, all I have to say is...... Where the fuck is tracks like ‘Strike it’ and ‘Enemy Maker’ which where actually the singles off of these albums, instead you have picked some filler tracks which are not as memorable at all!

The live show on CD 2 was recorded at the London Astoria on the 10th of January 1998 and no matter how good Dub War may sound on CD, you have never experienced the pure boldness and in your face energy that you see when you go watch Dub War live or watch a DVD of them. Benji is a hell of a frontman and as you can see from the show everyone is getting involved and having the time of their fucking lives as Dub War hammer through heavy hitters such as ‘Greedee’, ‘Killing A Sound’ and the mosh pit anthem ‘Strike it’.

Also on CD 2 there is a selection of rare music videos including that of ‘Strike it’, ‘Enemy Maker’ and ‘Million Dollar love’ which are really enjoyable to watch and add that extra bit of fun to Dub War’s party like music. Then followed by an exclusive interview with Benji, Jeff and Ritchie from the band who take the viewer through the history of the band, showing them key locations for recording, music video spots, as well as talking about Benji being a child meance.

Unfortnately Dub War really don’t know which are their best songs, and despite having a great DVD to back up some of the amazing songs on CD 1 the pure amount of filler on this best really does not give the title of best of album any justice.

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by The Dark Lord, on August 5, 2011
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The Dub, The War and The Ugly info
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Release : November 26, 2010
Genre : Ragga/Dub Metal
Record : Earache Records
Compilation/Best of

Playlist :
1. Criminal Minded
2. Last Man Standingepic !epic !
3. Killing a Soundlisten first
4. Respectedepic !epic !
5. Dub Over Nowlisten first
6. Nar Say a Tingepic !epic !
7. Nothing to Saylisten first
8. Dub War
9. Crack
10. Words of Warning
11. Murder
12. Psycho System
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The Dub, The War and The Ugly review
The Dub, The War and The Ugly

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Dub War
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