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Black Veins review

Exit State  - Black Veins (Album)

Black Veins

Exit State jam their songs with so many different styles of music it is hard to file them under a specific genre. With elements of hard rock, metal, ballad and even blues; Black Veins is the ultimate hybrid album from this Manchester based band. With twelve very catchy, well produced songs which has been written by some of the most talented musicians in the local bussiness, Exit State have outdone their last effort Death of a Rockstar and have layed out a fresh set of cards on the table which will hopefully push this hard working band into the big league.

There is not one second of Black Veins which is boring and each song presents the listener with a different experience as you listen to twelve very different and unique driving rock anthems. Whether it be the killswitch twitching goodness of ‘Circles’, the bluesy guitar licks of ‘Ten Years Later’, or the foot stomping southern rock approach in title track ‘Black Veins’, one thing is for certain; and that is that Exit State are able to get the listener singing, swaying, banging their head, doing what ever the fuck they want to this set of diverse amazing tunes.

Exit State put there musical wizzardry onto every track on Black Veins, and although some of the tracks may sound as simple as pie, chips and gravy, but it’s this simplicity that makes these songs all the more memorable. Some of the tracks on this album such as ‘Check out the Crazy’, ‘Is That Place’ and ‘Wasted’ may all open with chugging guitar riffs and may all have a power chord based verse, but when the chorus kicks in, the listener is able to pick up the word easily without having the music mermorise them with skill and speed, and thankfully because the album isn’t all at 100mph, Black Veins has to be one of the best albums for catchy songs of 2011, which all fans of rock, metal, punk, blues can really enjoy.

Towards the end of this excelent album everything starts to get mellow and the listener is given two beautiful and emotional ballads to calm them down from the fist pumping anthems they have just sang their voice boxes out to. The songs ‘All For You’ and ‘This Life’ are both excelent tracks to end this amazing album on, and show off vocalists Roy Brights softer vocal capablilities as a mellow singer as well as a full out powerfull rock singer.

If you have never heard of Exit State before then I would reccomend starting with their amazing new album Black Veins, an album that contains some of the best songs of 2011 which are so diverse and catchy even your grandparents will want to buy a copy!

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