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Reviews :: Live In Hellvetia review

Live In Hellvetia review

Freedom Call  - Live In Hellvetia (Double live album)


Live in Hellvetia

Freedom Call is one of the best live bands in the universe! Screw recent best live band Metal Hammer winner Skindred. Freedom Call should have been nominated for all 5 places and should have won it to. Now in June of 2011 the gargantuan tour machine that is Freedom Call have given us not one, not two, but a four CD box set that captures the live power of a Freedom Call live show and throws the listener into a world, of magic, mischief and metal, giving us a live show in Hellvetia as well as a hilarious documentary accounting the bands recent European tour. Hold on to your hats as Freedom Call will take you with them on an unforgettable journey all enclosed inside the best live DVD the world has ever known!

CD 1 is a brilliant opening to a Freedom call set, picking songs from the bands past two albums: Legend of the Shadowking and Dimensions. The first half of this concert is a charging, cantering, mosh pit anthem fest; with tracks like ‘We Are One’, ‘Tears of Babylon’ and ‘Blackened Son’, Freedom Call manage to deliver an insane live performance which put’s the already catchy tunes in an epic light, as it seems like the whole of Hellvetia is singing (Or at least shouting) along to every single song.

On the other hand, CD 2 slows everything down and shows the mellower and more ballad orientated side to Freedom Call’s back catalogue. Starting with the mystical and downright spooky ‘Merlin – Requiem’ and ‘Merlin – Legend of the Past’ the scene is set giving a unified atmosphere in the concert hall as everyone sings along and sways in time. Then from out of nowhere we get back to what Freedom Call do best, catchy sing along songs which were built for occasions like this. With tracks like ‘Warriors’ and ‘A Perfect Day’ and ending on ‘Hymn to the Brave’, Freedom Call fans will forever be talking about how this has been the best gig of their lives!

DVD 1 adds the live spectacle to the already great music, as the band jump up and down, mosh like mad men, and grin like clowns at their audience present. It also shows how good Freedom Call’s fans are, and how they will respond to anything the band ask of them. Singing along and moshing like crazy to every single song. If you can point out any one person at that venue who isn’t singing or having a good time, you can punch me in the face!

But finally the best thing about this magnificent box set is the bonus tour footage you get with it. One hour of pure, laugh, mischief and booze as the band takes you through exclusive live footage, on the road videos, as well as some excellent acoustic sets from front man Chris Bay, who is not only an amazing singer but also a pretty decent guitar player.

There has never been a better live DVD to bless the shelves of HMV. Among the crap of Glee series one and Take That live, Freedom Call, Live in Hellvetia has to be the king of all live performances, making Freedom Call’s songs sound just as awesome live as they do on album.

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Live In Hellvetia - Info

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Live In Hellvetia info
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Release : June 5, 2011
Genre : Power Metal
Record : SPV
Double live album

Playlist :
1. We Are one
2. United Alliance
3. Thunder God
4. Tears Of Babylon
5. Blackenend Sun
6. Queen Of My world
7. Out Of The ruins
8. Hunting High And Low
9. Drum Solo
10. Metal Invasion
11. Merlin - Requiem
12. Merlin - Legend of the Past
13. The Quest
14. Warriors
15. A Perfect Day
16. Far Away
17. Mr. Evil
18. Land Of Light
19. Freedom Call
20. Hymn To The Brave
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Freedom Call

Freedom Call
Freedom Call
View band page
Creation : 1998
Genre : Heavy Metal
Origin : Germany

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