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Reviews :: In the Face of Vanity review

In the Face of Vanity review

Velvet Star  - In the Face of Vanity (Album)


In the Face of Vanity

Wannabe punk rockers Velvet Star really show anarchy and aggression in their music. Combing fast and sleazy guitar lines with a furious rhythm really puts them up there with bands such as Rancid, The Casualties and UK Subs. In the Face of Vanity is a rallying call to all punk lovers who want something fun to head bang to, but also to listen to just how good this emerging band is, and how they put to shame most bands in the Punk genre. When you listen to In the Face of Vanity, it makes you feel like your back in the 70’s and your about to smash some dudes face in while spraying the sign of rebellion across the world!

The album starts off with the murky ‘Revolver’ which is an excellent way to start off this rip roaring album. Sounding like a revving high speed GTO speeding through at 100mph only to crash manically into next track the amazing ‘Rockstar/Superstar’ which is so choppy and bouncy, and when the pumping guitar line mixes with singers Danny Jones’s voice it sends chills down your spine making you feel like you should put your hair in a Mohawk, grab a couple of beers and party like a fucking mad man.

In the Face of Vanity is a punk album, and people tend to make the comment that you don’t need to be skilled to play punk, but just be able to strum a guitar ridiculously fast or bang a drum at the speed of sound. Sure, this may be true but Velvet Star does it in such a way that they can put these haters to shame. To pull off songs like ‘One of Us’, ‘Easy’ and ‘Give it to me’ you need to be the best of the best, and everything is on top form. The vocals are amazing, the guitar is shredding and the bass and drum sections are insane.

Vocalist Danny Jones should be proud of the voice he has sounding like some Marilyn Manson/Jerry Only hybrid, who nabbed off with a thing or two out of Mötley Crüe’s wardrobe. His voice is so powerful and precise, and when it blends perfectly in with the band, it is a force to be reckoned with.

In the Face of Vanity is one of the best punk albums you will hear from a band who have hardly been heard of, and if Velvet Star continue to be just as amazing as they are on this album, then we can predict they will be tearing up and making mayhem in a large venue near you soon!

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