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Forevermore review

Whitesnake  - Forevermore (Album)


If you look at Whitesnakes past release history you have albums like Lovehunter, Slide it in and Slip of the Tongue which are jammed full of amazing hard rock hits and others like Restless Heart which is below par for the mighty gods of rock. Forevermore is the band’s latest effort, and have they got it right again. It’s a mix of classic sounding Whitesnake anthems, catchy ballads and love songs, as well as new never heard before ideas which make Whitesnake one of the biggest, best and most diverse rock bands going.

The opening three tracks of Forevermore sound completely different to anything Whitesnake have done before. This difference to the music has added a fresh set of paint to the rolling tune machine, giving them a lively and bluesy feel to the music, like the stuff you would expect to hear from AC/DC or Led Zeppelin. They still have kept the cheesy, mushy love vibe to the lyrics, but added a bit more punch to the music; making the guitar hooks sound huge, the bass grooves sound even groovier and the drums sound as loud as ever. This how Whitesnake should be..... Big, bold and no bollocks, straight up hard rock!

Whitesnake have stuck to their guns when they are writing their jaw dropping anthems. Like every Whitesnake album Forevermore has looked towards the likes of songs like ‘Is This Love’ and ‘Don’t Fade Away’ to produce sing a long, catchy works of art which not only sound huge on album, but no doubt to when played live to a huge crowd. The chorus to ‘Easier Said Than Done’ is massive and when you have an entire arena singing:

“Take me as I'm, I'll do the best I can for your love, it’s easier said than done. Take me by the hand; try to understand when I say, it’s easier said than done.” That will be one magical moment, and Whitesnake know this, and will hopefully play this cracking tune on their current European tour.

This album get’s better and better, especially if you buy the collectors special edition from Classic Rock magazine. Not only getting a 132 page magazine about the band, but a pin badge, poster and an exclusive digipack copy of the album with two mind blowing live tracks from when Whitesnake played Donnington in 1990. These two tracks alone are a reason to update to the special edition pack, as they show the band in their full shining light, showing how much the fans love the snake, and why the live spectacle should be witnessed and shared with all.

Whitesnake have yet again failed to disappoint with album number eleven, and shall forevermore be known as the gods of fucking kick ass hard rock!

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