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Demonic Alliance review

Harm  - Demonic Alliance (Album)


Demonic Alliance

Ever thought you were being watched by someone? Can you see in the corner of your eye a shadowy figure following your every foot steps? Well if you answered yes to both of these then listening to Harm’s new album the insane Demonic Alliance will make you shit your pants you hear a slight creak or bang around your house. Sounding like a revving chainsaw forged in the pits of hell, this Norwegian thrash/death metal cross over band are here to perform some of the most brutal tracks of 2011 and scare the hell out of many people as possible - with the loudest and heaviest music out there.

Demonic Alliance is the ideal album to ignite any form of mosh pit. The charging heaviness never halts or slows down and we are given nine insane songs that sound absolutely massive for such a small band. What you want to do with Demonic Alliance is play it at full blast through your headphones, as they are the kind of band that looses that OOMMPPHH when played out loud. Plus when you are hit with killer tracks like ‘Demonic Alliance’, ‘Demon’ and ‘New Brutal Vitality’ it’s good to feel that intimacy and pure up in your face style music that Harm are so good at writing.

In some cases death metal is lifeless and seems to be stuck on a dead end road, but by blending it with aspects of thrash and speed metal, Harm have managed to keep their music relevant but still incorporating the sheer heaviness of these extreme genres. Harm are really talented guys and on Demonic Alliance you can see melody lines and song structure creeping in amongst the shredding guitar lines and the unimaginably fast blast beating of songs such as ‘Fuck the Fate’ and ‘Eradication of the Individual’.

With Demonic Alliance you also get a bonus disk which contains 2 different music videos of the amazing single ‘Demon’ and some videos of Harm in the studio and on the road. This tops the album off really, as it adds that extra bit of spookiness to Harm’s music, as you watch a quite disturbing video of some greasy fat dude holding some extremely hot girl hostage, only to get his just deserts as he gets torn to bits by a chainsaw. So yes, all you horror fans out there, if you ever want some devilishly scary metal for your film, call the guys from Harm...... Or they will set their little friend on you!

Harm are the most monstrous band ever known and with so many great songs on Demonic Alliance we can be sure that Harm will deliver some more crushingly heavy anthems on their next album. Yes, we want it soon please!

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