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Botheration review

Oaf  - Botheration (Album)



Dom Lawson is my Idol.... He has inspired me to become a journalist. Improving my writing technique and giving me the confidence to pursue the job I would like to do. But now he brings to the table a project so excellent you would think God would have thought it up. Meet Oaf. A duo from South London that go the Full Monty when it comes to shocking the nation with their blend of heavy as hell punk styled oddball music. According to the guys they sound like: ‘A coughing squashed cow which is eating earwax and biscuits.’ I present to you.....The masters of extreme noise.

The album ‘Botheration’ is a 12 song nonstop rollercoaster ride of an album which embraces ‘THE METAL’ and shows us that music can be gimmicky and cheesy as well as heavy. Tracks like "Wanking with a Fist full of Shit" and "Giant Ballbag" are the standout tracks on the album - engaging the audience in a frenzy of mad headbanging aswell as a roar of excitement and laughter from the lyrics of both the songs. "I’m retarded" and "No more Tickets for the Time Machine" on the other hand are the tracks which everyone can sing. The musicianship is excellent both on Bass and Drums and the lyrics are more memorable than the Lord’s Prayer.

Oaf is like a mini Mongo Ninja or Municipal Waste. They give us amazing bass groves and hooks and also an awesome drummer who can lay down any punk n’ roll beat onto anything. The distorted drone of Oaf really hammers into your head for years to come. Tracks like "Tiny when Erect", "The Black Whale" and "A Euphemism for Tits" are some of the heavier tracks on the album. But heaviness aside the sleazy beats mixed with the lyrics really make these 15 minutes or so really special.

My only Disappointment with this album is that once you get past the laugh at loud album titles and the pounding songs. The remaining few tracks seem a bit monotonous and boring. Don’t get me wrong what I have talked about so far is bloody excellent. But the cow seems to be running low on milk for the last couple of tracks.

I believe Oaf could be pretty big. They are the ultimate audience pleaser. Letting metal, punk and grunge fans enjoy the music. So if you see Oaf playing at a venue near you soon. Give them some attention and support these Oddballs on their conquest to get as many people drunk and moshing to their heavy new album.

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Botheration - Info

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Botheration info

Release : June 21, 2010
Genre : Other
Playlist :
1. The Oafature
2. A Euphemism For Tits
3. The Black Whale
4. Giant Ballbag
5. No More Tickets For The Time Machine
6. Wanking With A Fistful Of Shit
7. I'm Retarded
8. Tidymans' Wrench
9. Todd Bernhardt Is A Friend Of Mine
10. Tiny When Erect
11. Living On The Ceiling
12.  Genoymeen
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Botheration review

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Creation : 2006
Genre : Other
Origin : United Kingdom

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