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Crawling Out Of Hell review

Fallen Angel  - Crawling Out Of Hell (Album)


Crawling Out Of Hell

Having only recently discovered Fallen Angel I would say they hooked me from first listen. Crawling out of Hell is a concept album, but unlike any other one you will hear. This one tells the story through the music. But the Metal stays true and Powerful in each song. Fallen Angel are extremely talented guys and can lay down mind blowing solos, power metal vocals, speedy drumming and ground shattering bass lines to pretty any idea the fans give them. Be prepared because Crawling into Hell will be a totally new experience for you.

The album starts off like a runaway train. The first six songs; including "Sinners Vengeance", "Blood on my Soul" and "The Reapers Shall Gather" are all driven forward by high pitched whaling guitar solos and riffs which acts as a magic carpet for the singers voice which could easily smash glass if he tried. The tracks are well structured classic Power Metal tunes which sound heavily reminiscent to latter day Sonata Arctica and Power Quest. These 6 tunes would have to be the highlight of the album as they properly show off the skill of the musicians and show Power/Speed metal how it should be done. With: Balls, Distortion and Magic.

"Dark Lord", "Darkness" and "The Answer" are your basic Iron Maiden Cantering riff with some insane high pitched screaming in it. When I say screaming I mean fucking blowing his lungs open. They lack a lot of the colour and power which is seen in previous tracks, but never the less they do not affect the flow of the album as the riffs keep on pounding their might into your skull. The vocals on these tracks remind me a hell of a lot of Iced Earth. So if you would like a mix of Iron Maiden and Iced Earth, then check this out.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and as usual I am going to bitch about the slower tracks killing the flow. There are twenty tracks on this album. Ten of those songs are kick ass 500mph Heavy Metal. The other ten are slow, bland, boring songs which really take the pleasure out of the 20 minutes of explosion which has just blessed us. Songs like Life or Death’ and ‘Leaving it all Behind’ make the listener think of Leaving their life behind and going killing themselves because Fallen Angel have decided to go mellow.
Like I said at the start Fallen Angel has really set out the competition to release a better Concept album. If they want to be a fully established, big name band. They should cut out the slow mellow mush and replace it with 2 or 3 more Heavy tunes. Stick to what you do best boys.

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Crawling Out Of Hell - Info

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Crawling Out Of Hell info
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Release : 2010
Genre : Heavy Metal
Record : Autoproduction
Playlist :
1. Crash to Oblivion (00:47)
2. Sinners Vengeance (05:03)
3. March Into Hell (01:01)
4. Blood on My Soul (03:19)
5. The Grinding Wheels of War (02:00)
6. The Reapers Shall Gather (03:18)
7. Arrival (01:11)
8. Dark Lord (04:34)
9. Darkness (04:37)
10. The One Who Walks Alone (04:51)
11. The Answer (05:55)
12. Respiration Desperation (01:08)
13. The Neutral Zone (04:40)
14. Life or Death (03:50)
15. On and On (04:54)
16. Ashes to Ashes (01:01)
17. Leaving it All Behind (06:04)
18. Watching (03:37)
19. Sad Wings (06:15)
20. Grant Me Peace (04:00)
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Creation : 1983
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