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7 Sinners review

Helloween  - 7 Sinners (Album)

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7 Sinners - Info

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7 Sinners info
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Release : October 31, 2010
Genre : Heavy Metal
Record : SPV
Playlist :
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1. Where The Sinners Go (3:35)listen firstWhere The Sinners Go lyrics
2. Are You Metal ? (3:37)listenAre You Metal ? lyrics
3. Who Is Mr Madman ? (5:42)listen firstWho Is Mr Madman ? lyrics
4. Raise The Noise (5:06)Raise The Noise lyrics
5. World Of Fantasy (5:14)listen firstWorld Of Fantasy lyrics
6. Long Live The King (4:12)Long Live The King lyrics
7. The Smile Of The Sun (4:36)The Smile Of The Sun lyrics
8. You Stupid Mankind (4:04)listen firstYou Stupid Mankind lyrics
9. If A Mountain Could Talk (6:44)If A Mountain Could Talk lyrics
10. The Sage, The Fool, The Sinner (3:59)epic !epic !The Sage, The Fool, The Sinner lyrics
11. My Sacrifice (4:59)listen firstMy Sacrifice lyrics
12. Not Yet Today (1:11)Not Yet Today lyrics
13. Far In The Future (7:45)epic !epic !Far In The Future lyrics
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Creation : 1978
Genre : Heavy Metal
Origin : Germany

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