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    [le 22 Mar 2019]

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    Hard Rock (United States)

    Naked Machine
    Naked Machine

    Heavy Metal (Japan)

    I Am The Trireme
    I Am The Trireme

    Melodic Death Metal (United States)

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    Metal Progressif (2014)


    Metal Progressif (2019)


    Metal Progressif (2017)



    Feb 7Album releases -
    New Marduk album in preparation
    Feb 7Tracks to discover first -
    Orange Goblin : video from their new album to discover
    Feb 7Album releases -
    Primal Fear : "Unbreakable" available on streaming
    Feb 5Bands current events -
    Bill Ward : "hope for a positive resolve"
    Feb 5Album releases -
    Pharaoh : two titles from the new album to to discover
    Feb 5Album releases -
    New album for 3 Inches Of Blood
    Nov 4Obituary -
    GWAR guitarist passed away
    Oct 31Bands current events -
    Ville leaves Insomnium
    Oct 26Tracks to discover first -
    Megadeth world premiere "Black Swan"
    Oct 26Bands current events -
    Serious health problems for Belphegor vocalist
    Oct 5Album releases -
    Down in studio by the end of the month
    Oct 5Tracks to discover first -
    Behemoth and Lucifer ...
    Jun 30Album releases -
    Staind posts new song online, reveals new album details
    Jun 30Bands current events -
    Dark Funeral announces new vocalist
    Jun 28Tracks to discover first -
    Lock Up posts new album preview online
    Jun 28Tracks to discover first -
    Amon Amarth releases new video "Destroyer Of The Universe"
    Jun 28Tracks to discover first -
    X Japan releases video for "Jade"
    Jun 28Concerts & festivals -
    Lazarus A.D announces North American tour dates
    Jun 24Tracks to discover first -
    Earth Crisis posts new song "Total War" online
    Jun 24Album releases -
    Vader reveals new album track listing

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